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12/23/16 3:23 PM US CST, We had a small network hiccup today on our domain that lasted about 10 minutes, although everything should be back up and running normally. Sorry for the inconvenience.


12/12/16 1:06 PM US CST, TheIsland Server will have it's player cap increased to 30 today when the server performs it's daily restart at 6:10 PM US CST.


12/1/16 9:16 PM US CST, The ScorchedEarth Server is back online! Structures Plus mod has been added and configured. Insulation Negator Removed as well.


5:18 AM US CST, 11/29/16, The Scorched Earth Server has also been set to restart at 6 PM US CST automatically daily and check for updates. Both servers will now auto update and restart on that schedule.


4:16 AM US CST, 11/29/16, TheIsland Server is back up! Currently set on a restart schedule of 6 PM US CST Daily to check for updates automatically!


2:15 AM US CST, 11/29/16, TheIsland Server is currently down for maintenance. Setting up auto update script, backing up map, and will be back up soon.


We have officially added a new Scorched Earth server! You can connect to Salora's Scorched Earth with !!!


We were offline for 7 hours on Wednesday, November 16, 2016 for maintenance. We are back up and running now as of 7:10PM US CST 11/16/16.